Ballet Attire – Female

Full-time Ballet Attire

1. WEAR MOI Leotard Black “Divine”

2. Any style plain Black Leotard

3. Pink Theatrical tights, 100% Nylon, footed

4. Soft pink ballet shoes,elastic (sewn on inside of shoe)

5. Pink Demi-pointes with ribbons (sewn on inside of shoe)

6. Pink Pointe shoes (elastic & ribbon sewn on inside of shoe)

7. Black Character shoes 1 1/2 heel

8. Black chiffon wrap skirt (Repertoire)

9. Black Character skirt

10.Hairnets/Bobby pins (silver and black/brown Bobby pins)

11.Warm-up Clothes

Part-time Ballet AttireĀ  (Years 1 & 2)

1. WEAR MOI Leotard Lilac “Galatea” & matching Wearmoi Skirt

2. White ankle length folded socks

3. Pink ballet shoes with ribbons (sewn on inside of shoe)

4. “Grishko” Pointe Shoes

Group B Uniform


Group C Uniform

photo 2