Congrats on a fabulous performance, very enjoyable and lovely to watch
Greetings from the Principal & Director, Miss Susan Thomson:

There has always been an insatiable curiosity about Russian ballet.  Dancers such as Maya Plisetskaya, Ekaterina Maximova, Vladimir Vasilyev, Natalia Bessmertnova and Erek Mukhamedov have electrified and transformed western audiences.  These, and other Russian dancers, are all products of the Russian system of training.  The proof of Russian ballet’s superiority is stated in its history and long traditions.  By comparison western ballet is still young.  Russian ballet is the cradle of ballet and continues to joyfully maintain its momentum of creative effort, producing a level of art that is never less than miraculous, through The Bolshoi Ballet and other Russian ballet companies.

Please allow me to introduce you to a truly unique concept and school in the Australasian world of performing arts. The Russian Choreographic Academy provides students in this region with exclusive access to the acclaimed and complete Russian system of training.  It also provides a rare opportunity for the top graduates to audition for major Russian ballet companies and for the elite to gain employment with them.  Additionally, RCA students have the option to study ballet along with an academic program (available predominantly via Camberwell High School).

The unique Russian system of training that has produced a multitude of the world’s most exceptional dancers is only successful when taught in its entirety by highly qualified teachers from where it originated.

RCA only selects students who can and have demonstrated their great potential for development and capability to be an elite classical ballet artist, thus enabling them to take their place on the international stage.

As the Russian system of training is an art and a science no effort spent in such training is wasted, even if the recipient does not make the grade.The training will educate students to carry themselves with dignity and character.  The RCA discipline will equip the pupil with the capability to succeed in other spheres as well as ballet.

RCA teachers are of the highest calibre with a distinguished level of knowledge and experience.

RCA offers the unprecedented opportunity for artistic and cultural exchange between Russia and Australia.

Our students are empowered with an RCA education that is unequalled and unparalleled anywhere else in Australasia and with over thirty years of teaching ballet, I know this system rewards its students with success.

Yours sincerely,

Susan Thomson

(Adv Dip ABS PDTC)

Message from Director

It was with great joy that I presented the students of the Russian Choreographic Academy in the December performances and saw the results of our marvellous Russian Vaganova teachers. The performances showed students performing in carefully selected works which were chosen to further develop them each at their own level. It must always be remembered that a slow and careful base develops dancers with a strong and secure technique and also does not create injury. Our teachers have the tools have the tools to be able to shape and develop not only technically equipped dancers, but dancer’s of emotional, artistic and expressive qualities. It must always be kept in mind that ballet is an art, albeit an art and a science, but not a sport.

THE RUSSIAN CHOREOGRAPHIC ACADEMY is a school like no other in Australia and has been developed with the aim of giving talented students the opportunity to be able to receive a truly international training.
The art of ballet is never a museum piece and the changing times are always reflected in the arts. Ballet technique has progressed and continues to advance. This advancement, however always goes back to the careful foundations laid down by Agrippina Vaganova, which enables the dancer to fully conquer the body to become instruments of expression. Many students we see today do not have this careful foundation and therefore can never develop their full potential, they have not been taught with care and attention to detail. It is with this in mind we bring our highly skilled Russian teachers to Australia, they are demanding and dedicated teacher serving to train to the highest standards.

The students of THE RUSSIAN CHOREOGRAPHIC ACADEMY were examined in December, by international examiner Jacqui Dumont (formerly at the Royal Ballet School, Australian Ballet School), who was most impressed by the standard of our students, giving very impressive marks to all students.