Student Welfare

Student welfare at the Russian Choreographic Academy is of paramount importance.


The Russian training at the RCA is slow and careful, therefore lessening any chance of injury.

Because we wish for students to be highly successful in their training, only students of suitable physique will be selected.

Many dancers have a very short career due to injury, however most Russian dancers are still performing well into their 40s and even to 50 years of age.  This is evidence of the excellent physical benefits gained via the pure Russian training system.

Students will be part of the “Healthcare for the Dancer” program, although injury is relatively rare when studying the Russian method in comparison to other ballet styles,.

This program provides students with the knowledge to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and is directed at achieving and maintaining the best healthcare and thereby reducing injury rates and speeding up recovery time.


Students at Camberwell High School (where VCE results of A’s and B’s always exceed the State average) continue to receive numerous opportunities to be leaders, to sing, to play music, participate in a wide range of sports, to debate, act, organise, fund-raise to support worthwhile charities, travel, gain their VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education), enter major university courses, and carry with them values, high self esteem and positive experiences gained at school.

The school’s current Strategic Plan has been developed in consultation with the school community and depends for its success on the traditional partnership of committed staff, motivated students, supportive parents, the wise use of human and financial resources, and the strength of commitment to the vision. The 2007-09 Strategic Plan steers the school into a strong relevant and responsive future where the key focus lies in provision of the highest quality teaching and learning.

The school is committed to ongoing improvement and continues to review and improve its provision of student care, nurture and challenge, of learning technologies, and of a comprehensive and relevant curriculum.

In April 2005 the school was recognized officially by DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) as one of the top 10 government schools in Victoria for the level of safety [physical, emotional] as reported by students and parents through confidential DEECD surveys.

Due to their success in the area of Student Welfare, Deakin University has conducted forums and extensive surveys to find out what the school is doing to provide this positive environment for its students, staff and families.

The school’s Welfare Policy with its strong implementation in both welfare and discipline, and the reputation of Camberwell High School as a caring, academic and culturally rich school, continues to attract more students each year.

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Particularly for those students who are living away from home for the first time, emotional support is of significant importance.

The Russian Choreographic Academy (RCA) provides a safe and caring environment for all students and believes in carefully monitoring each student to ensure their complete welfare needs are being addressed.

In addition to being supported emotionally and socially within the Academy (RCA), the Student Support Network is currently being developed to provide a wider range of assistance and encouragement to students