All students who require accommodation assistance are given various options when it comes to their living arrangements.

Students below 15 years of age:

These students are required to live with a blood relative, legal guardian, or approved RCA family, and preferably within the local parameters of Camberwell High School.

Students 15 years of age and above:

These students may be placed into a home-stay arrangement and have available to them a range of options that will be coordinated by Camberwell High School (in the case of students also pursuing their academic studies) or directly through the Academy (ABA).

One of the participating partners is Homestay Direct ( who have a ten year history of caring for students and helping them to adapt to their new surroundings.

At all times, the student’s needs and requirements are paramount and we pride ourselves on ensuring that everything possible is done to match student situations with their host family.

For general information on living in Melbourne refer to: Living in Melbourne